Second Chance Polo Horse Rescue is a non- profit horse rescue. We are devoted to provide a safe home for polo horses that are in need due to neglect, career ending injuries, or who are victims of owners that can no longer afford the proper care due to economic issues. Our goal is to rehabilitate the horses and find homes for those that can be placed or to provide forever homes for those that are too damaged. 



      Rescued 2012

     Shown here with Patrecia who has 

      enjoyed him as a pleasure horse.


     Rescued 2012

      Now loved and enjoyed by a young rider 



     Rescued 2014

     retired high goal polo pony

     Has found a new home with some kids in a 

     beginner riding program

"Gin and Maria Cecelia"

     Rescued 2014, both former polo horses

     Shown here with Joe and Sue Rogers. They are

     very happy with the horses and say they do their

     job well as members of the Mounted Police unit.